Create your Thriving Business from within

Give Your Workplace a Shot in the Arm

Healthy, Happy Teams produce more and stick together.

Our program trains you, or one of your team, to become your Workplace Wellbeing Lead.

Reap the Benefits

  • Improved Productivity
  • Reduced Costs, including Workcover Premiums
  • Better Workplace Community and Culture
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Greater Security through the pandemic
  • Less Stress and reactivity
  • Greater Care and Guardianship
  • Developing Strong Personal Immunity
  • Managing Stress and Learning to Thrive
  • General Good Health and Wellness
  • Financial Wellness and Stability
  • Building a Wellbeing Culture
  • Nutrition for Good Health – including Healthy Workplace Foods
  • Resilience and Helpful Communications
  • Mindfulness, Integrity, Empowerment and Assertiveness
  • Posture, Ergonomics and Back care
  • Mind Body Health factors
  • Creating Communities, Alignment, Purpose Visions and Inspiration
  • Many Other Topics

The Program provides an impressive array of resources. Once complete, your representative will become part of a Monthly Round Table with other course participants to share ideas, support each other and explore new ideas.

Course Fee: $749:00

Launch Offer for First Course: $599:00

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